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    I am a High School Junior and i currently have a GPA of 2.2…. a 79 average. I want to go to a college that i can get a good computer science major in… I still have 3 semesters in High school left and i am trying very hard…. durning my freshman year i did horrible and did a little better but not great sophomore year, this semester i have 1 A 3 B 3 C and 1 D turns out to be around a 80 average, i need some advice on where to go i was thinking Auburn or Florida Tech but they have high standards, i am very worried that with my low GPA i will not be able to get into a good college… Although i have a 26 ACT and 1084 SAT out of 1600 which is a ton better then my GPA in comparison. [|)] I attend a Private Catholic High School in Roswell, GA and i have a Job and i play soccer for school and am in latin club, Second Wind dreams, Habitat for humanity. I need your guys help on where u think i can and should go or if i should go to a CC for a year and transfer???? Thanks for reading i appreciatte all the help i can get thank you. You can reach me at

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