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    Dear Admission Consultant,
    I am finishing up a PostBacc program with 3.8 GPA. UG GPA 3.3 from an Ivy school, MCAT 35. paper published, strong ECs and LORs. Have applied to the same med school (IS) where I am doing my PostBacc. Although the PostBacc program says (on the web page) that GPAs above 3.5 will get an interview Invite (II), the college sends the II at the end of the session (Jan/Feb/March) after the class is full. I am hearing from the former PostBacc students that these IIs are just for show/formalities. They wont take any students from the postbacc. I understand that the college doesn’t have to give any guarantee for acceptance, but by putting us at the end of the session, they are putting us at the end of all wait lists and thus completely ruining our chances for getting in. very unethical!!
    Your insight will help how to deal with this situation.

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