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    Posc is right. You could do something more valuable with your time than study for classes you don’t enjoy and won’t use in your career.

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    Unless you want to work in the UK after graduating, I hope this really was you just thinking out loud.

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    The link does not/no longer works. Am I Einstein for thinking some Zambian husband poinked a hen, got killed by the villagers, and then the villagers ate the hen?

    in reply to: **Official scam spam thread** #27603

    I have 2 thoughts.

    1. Make him study the bible and give you quotes so you know he is trustworthy. If you are convincing I’m sure he will do it thinking it will be worth the scam. You never know. He might just realize the error of his ways.

    2. Tell him you want to send your private information directly to the “international division”. Tell him it will keep the heat off him and you will still share with him for his finder’s fee.

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    Medicare doctors only get to dry hump their patients.

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    OK guys no cracks about my slow day and bad work ethic but I did a google search on “sohini isb” and this guy is all over the place. On Aug 28 03 he asks for information ( and the previous day ( he is saying the school is great on another thread. I also found a post from 2000 where he asked about the school. I hope anyone considering this school reads this and realizes these guys have credibility problems.

    Now sadly I’m not so sure about the ethics here regarding censorship and the M7. [V]

    THoughts anyone?

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    I groom a lot! [;)]

    in reply to: Buckeyes joke #27108


    Originally posted by bhamnt

    You might be right y82, but I bet everyone takes credit for the origins of this one. In northern CA they probably claim it started between Berkeley and Stanford, in AL between Bama and Auburn.

    I know only 4 people outside Florida care but this has been used as a Miami FSU joke. Change the names of the teams and add that God’s house sits wide right from the top of the hill. It’s been around for a while too because when I first heard it God explained to Bobby Bowden that Butch Davis was still alive.

    in reply to: **Official scam spam thread** #27107

    Good thread!

    This is an email harvester that has already spammed me several times. I know this is email harvesting because the return address changes and because the domain to click doesn’t match the email address. Finally, I don’t have that many people out there who would want so much information. (I got this about 30 times over the weekend from different return addresses.)

    The subject title loks something like: A user at our website is trying to meet people who know you.

    The email reads something like:


    Someone is looking into your background via our website.

    One of our users has begun the process of meeting people who know you via our website
    for the purpose of researching your background.

    This email was automatically sent to you to inform you of this. The user doing the
    research provided us with your email address.

    Our world is one of increasing internationalization, mobility of labor, immigration
    and upward mobility in the workforce. As a result, towns and neighborhoods where
    everyone knows each other are increasingly rare. It is increasingly less common
    for a person to work at the same company for their entire life, or to even live
    in the same city or town. In life today we are exposed to and meet a greater variety
    of people, and with the advent of the Internet we can meet people far outside of
    our geographical area of residence.

    To view all of the postings at our website regarding this email address click here:

    Our website is a valuable background research tool that enables its users to access
    the information source known as word-of-mouth on an international scale.

    Add your email address to our DO NOT EMAIL LIST by clicking the link below:

    At our website you will have the option to anonymously connect with the person who
    shared their experience, and to learn the kind of wordofmouth information he or
    she is revealing. We are solely interested in fostering a community of willing people
    to promote information exchange.


    WOM Support Department

    This one came from SUPPORT@WORD-OF-MOUTH-INFO.BIZ. Notice how doesn’t match the links it wants me to click? Also, some of these email came from different addresses (Don’t ask me hwo I remembered when I already deleted them but I did and not all of them were .biz.)

    If there isn’t a virus or spyware at the end of these links then at a minimum they know it is a good email address they should continue to spam. (Hence I put Xs above in teh link so you guys don’t get me in trouble.)

    Well, I took out time from my morning to warn you, so I hope this helps coutn as my daily contribution to the betterment of mankind. [;)]

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    After inexplicably watching Red sing Barry Manilo’s “Mandy” last night, I imagine this song would have beaten “Built this city” if the voting had taken place today. [xx(]

    in reply to: Men: How to Answer The 5 Most Difficult Questions #26704

    ROFLMAO! Thanks for sharing! [:D][:D][:D]

    in reply to: Yankee apps to INSEAD down? #26032

    I think Americans interested in studying overseas to begin with (and I’m not one of them) probably don’t feel the same way as the freedom fries lovers in Congress and elsewhere.

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