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    Hi David,

    I’m holding an engineering degree with a low GPA(2.6), I’m not defending my GPA but engineering schools are tough. I’m interested to do an MBA program in USA (I have no intention to enter top 20 MBA programs and I know my GPA is low)and compensate my low GPA to get to a DBA(including doing some research during my MBA). I also have a professional degree in strategic Marketing from an Australlian university. my job in the past 5 years has been focused on international sales and marketing of medical imaging devices in Middle East. I have good recommendations and a fine tuned resume. however, I took GMAT and I got 530( verbal:23 / 28% Math:40 / 58% total :530 / 42% writing :5.0 / 56%) and I’m planning for retaking GMAT and i’m hoping for a 650. my question is all MBA programs emphasize on high GPA(which is easier to achieve in other programs ). my main goal is to get my DBA and I want to do a 1 year MBA program to do some resaearch and compensate my low GPA. I have changed my field of work from my engineering background to bussiness completely. I’m looking for schools that will accept people like me !
    FYI, English is not my first language and I’m living in Dubai right now.
    also I have a question regarding part-time MBA programs , as an international applicant, is it possible for me to apply ?I’m being told that I have more chances in such programs.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)