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    I will be starting the MPP program at Harvard’s Kennedy School this fall, and I’m looking at MBA programs that have joint degree agreements with the school (MIT, Chicago, Kellogg, HBS, Tuck, Columbia, and Stanford).
    (My background: 3.8 GPA in classics from second-tier flagship state school. Very limited quant. coursework, tho’ I aced calc.) A lot of college leadership activities (one of which garnered national media attention). Started career consulting in China (9 months), co-founded an import company in the States (3 years), and then did international trade work at the Commerce Department (2 years). Passed level 1 CFA exam. Haven’t taken the GMAT yet.)

    1. What suggestions/recommendations do you have for someone in my position?

    2. Is there any benefit to being a joint degree applicant who has already been accepted to the other half of the program? Neutral? Or might it be a disadvantage in any way? I’ve heard conflicting info about this.

    3. I just turned 31. Do I need to address being a bit older than the average applicant, or just leave it be? (I didn’t finish school until I was 24 because I changed my major and needed to do additional coursework; I also took a year off when I was 20 to travel.)

    Thank you.

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