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    hi sara
    i’m looking to transfer from Marist College to Mercyhurst College. I have a 3.3 GPA at Marist and work full time. i took about a year and a half off between high school and college and have only (after 2 years of part time) been able to become a sophomore there. I am very serious about Mercyhurst and want i want to do with the rest of my life. Do i stand a chance of being accepted?
    i have two bad grades on my record due to personal issues and horrible teachers- i retook both classes and got an A and B in them but those two original grades are still on my transcript… will this effect my chances? i made dean’s list the one semester that i was full time with a 3.5
    i have plenty of references from teachers and am writing my personal statement right now.. i’ve also visited the college twice and spoke to an admission councelor who was anything but helpful. he gave me the impression that anyone can get into the school btu another counselor told me otherwise…
    any advice on my chances?
    Thanks again

    oh yeah and my sat scores are not great and my ACT score is ok. my high school years were spent working, not focusing on school but i still maintained a B average

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    could someone please respond?


    Originally posted by Stitches63

    I have been a student at Marist College for 2 1/2 years-mostly part time while working two jobs, I am officially a sophomore. I want to transfer to Mercyhurst College in Pennsylvania for an Anthropology/Archaeology degree. I did not do well in high school, probably a 3.0 gpa-worked rather than did sports, charity, etc. and did poorly on the SAT, but well on the ACT. I have a 3.3 at Marist right now.
    Does someone like me, a person who took time off from school to work and then went back, stand a chance of being accepted to a school like Mercyhurst?
    Thank you in advance for any advice and help[:)]
    ~confused student

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)