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    Dear Moderator. I have a 3.4 GPA. I have Volunteered for 2 1/2 years at an art museum, for three hours every saturday. I’ve played piano for twelve years.
    I go to a private school (my parents never dared to send me to a public school… they always wanted the best and so they sent me to the eighth best private school in the country), so my GPA is waited. As in, you don’t get extra points for getting an A+ versus an A or A-. All types of A’s will be 4 points. Colleges that see the name of my school will take that into consideration.
    I am fluent in, besides my native language of English, Thai and German. I’ve also taken French for four years and Italian for two years. I also have an interesting essay that’s very dynamic about wanting to change the world and taking my chance. Let’s just say that I didn’t slack off in high school, I worked hard and didn’t goof around. I’m looking at a list of different schools. Can you tell me which ones are realistic? As in, which ones you think I’ll get into, which ones I have a 50/50 shot in, and which ones are realistic reaches? (As in, reaches that aren’t laughable and that I have a chance in)

    Tulane University
    The George Washington University
    The University of Virginia (I live in Virginia and our headmaster is friends with the president and the president of UVA comes over for a huge luncheon at our school every spring, so we do get special treatment…)
    The College of William and Mary
    The University of Chicago (my brother was there and I’m applying to a writing and languages program where almost everyone does econ, math, or science)
    The College of Charleston
    Georgetown University
    Barnard College
    The University of Richmond (my friend’s father is a board member and he’s going to write a recommendation for me)
    Vassar College
    Smith College

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