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    Hi i’m currently a sophmore in high school. Recently i’m been starting to worry how difficult it will be for me to get into a good college. At the moment i have a 4.06 GPA (i got 4.16 both semesters freshman year, and kind of slipped up this first semester in sophmore year, with a 3.85 GPA). When it’s all said and done, i expect to have around a 4.1 GPA. My (reasonable) goal is to go to the University of Illinois for engineering, but recently i have began to hear stories about how difficult it is to get into U of I for engineering. Normally i would feel reasonably confident about my GPA, but also just recently i have begun to realize just how many people have 4.0 or higher GPAs. I think part of it is that i go to an extremely competitive school in both academics and athletics (Naperville North…anyone?) I have several friends with 4.4-4.6 GPAs, and it seems that almost everyone has a GPA higher than 3.5. All of a sudden, my 4.1-ish is beginning to look very average to me. I have decent extracurriculars, playing in both the tennis and golf teams at school, and plan to be on varsity for junior and senior year. I also have an outside shot at making it to state for golf if i really work at my game, but don’t want to get my hopes up too high. I have lots of volunteer hours, volunteering at a hospital and as a teachers assistant at a chinese school for the weekends. However, i don’t really have anything that stands out, and i’m just afraid that even though i’m pretty solid in all areas, i don’t have a single area where i stand out, and i’m really starting to worry about if i can really make it into a great college. I want to know if my expectations for U of I engineering are probable, and if anyone else knows any good engineering schools that would be realistic for me to apply to.

    Also someone earlier said “…lately i have been flipping out looking at average h.s. gpa’s getting into certain schools …” and if someone could direct me to a site where i could see these result si would appreciate it.

    Also just as a side question, how important are SAT IIs (or subject tests, whatever they’re called now) for getting into a great college? Do most people take the maximum of 3 SAT IIs? Right now, i plan to take Math II, Physics, and Chinese, but haven’t decided anything for sure yet.

    Thanks to whoever can help me out.


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