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    Mr. Petersam,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question.

    My specs are as follows:

    26 year old male.
    3.55 GPA UVM Class of 2005

    Major: Anthropology

    GPA in Major: 3.80

    I have just been laid off. I was employed at boutique market research firm with the title of project manager. I acted as the main client contact and oversaw the logistical operations of all of our projects. I am very confident that I would receive a stellar recommendation from my previous employer citing my work ethic and leadership while on staff. I worked for this company for about 1.5 years. Prior to this employment, I worked as a project manager at small arts consulting firm directly after college (I had worked as an intern at this company throughout college). My total time of employment here lasted about 2 years.

    I have also volunteered at a center that helps previously incarcerated and HIV positive homeless individuals get back on their feet for the past year and a half.

    I expect to score a 650 on my GMAT (based on a diagnostic exam).

    Do you think that I will be eligible for a top 25 program such as McCombs, Kellogg or Stern? Do you think my current unemployment will be a detriment?


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