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    I think that the GMAT is nothing more than a money making scheme developed by large corporations, namely GMAC. Other corporations such as Kaplan and Princeton Review are also involved in the monopoly. Just think about how much it costs to register for the test, nearly three hundred dollars. And what about the prep classes or “review” books? What if your ill the day of your test and you can’t afford to pay the fifty dollars to reschedule?…you could easily spend thousands of dollars throughout the entire process.

    Also, if an individual is paying top dollar to take this test why should they be penalized if they want to cancel scores?

    Perhaps most importantly, there is absolutely no correlation between success in graduate school and success on one of these standardized tests, and in no way does an applicants “score” accurately represent their aptitude for gradute study. (Although I’m sure GMAC would try to convince you otherwise.)

    Please tell me how the GMAT relates to the world of business? Pleaes tell me why students are made to take this ridiculous test? The only information that the GMAT accurately predicts is how well an applicant fills in bubbles on a computer screen. Besides a money making scheme, the GMAT and other standardized tests are simply a “weeding out” tool used by graduate admissions personnel. Unfortunatley, many qualified and talented students are denied admission to business school just because they don’t test well. Please show me the “real-world” relevance of the GMAT?

    I already have masters degree. I have 3.3 GPA from my undergraduate college. I have several years of work experience. I have already demonstrated my abilities in a graduate and work setting. Why do I need the GMAT? Why should my academic and professional future rest in the hands of GMAC? Why should one four-hour test determine so much?

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