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    Hello everyone!

    The Times Higher Education (THE) World Reputation Rankings were released earlier this week and the American schools continued to dominate while the top UK schools dropped a slight bit, continuing a long-standing trend with this particular rankings.

    We think many of our readers will be surprised to learn that MIT ranks number 2 and UC Berkeley ranks 6 while Cal Tech ranks number 10 and UCLA ranks 13. All four of these outrank Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, Duke and Brown. If we were to conduct a survey of our website visitors and callers, we believe we’d find well over 80% would favor the last four schools over the 2 UCs that outrank them. We even more firmly believe an even larger percentage of international applicants would prefer the last four schools over the 2 UCs that outrank them.

    This is hopefully just one more reason to carefully cull your list of target schools and ensure that your personal fit is weighted more heavily than any rankings that you come across. While only death and taxes are certain, rankings changes are a close third. And, of course, you are far more likely to find happiness and success at your best-fit school!

    Best of luck with your applications!


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    AdmissionsConsultants, Inc.


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    I hope no one pays attention to these rankings. Reputation rankings have to be the worst of the worst.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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