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    Hello everyone!

    The big news (in the realm of law school admissions anyway!) comes from the Law School Survey of Student Engagement (LSSSE) which reported that affluent white students are the most likely to receive law school financial aid. Roughly 80% of law school grants and scholarships are merit based and these grants are made largely on the perceived competition from other peer schools for a particular applicant and the correlation with LSAT scores is not surprisingly quite strong.

    Just a few quick notes so you can best reach your own conclusions:

    A total of 72 US and Canadian law schools participated in the 2016 survey. Our rough review of the list of participants found a pretty even split of top-tier participants. Some of the top law schools that did participate include: Berkeley, Duke, Georgetown, GWU, Harvard, Northwestern and UCLA. Some of the top law schools that did not participate include: Chicago, Columbia, NYU, Penn, Stanford and Yale.

    The actual statistics of students who received merit aid were:
    Whites: 67%
    Asians: 61%
    Hispanics: 52%
    Blacks: 49%

    Best of luck with your applications!


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    Cam Frebernicuhl

    67% to 49% isn’t exactly statistically insignificant, but it’s not as disproportionate as some other websites were trying to sensationalize.

    I’d like to know how they compare if you normalize LSATs. In other words, does a black with the same high LSAT as a white fare better.



    Some people will go out of their way to vilify meritocracy



    So do whites perform best on the LSAT? If so, whose fault is that? Liberal law schools must hate this whole topic!

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