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    Hello everyone!

    Forbes published an article earlier today about the demise of the full-time MBA and Harvard Business Review also published a story today about the future of the MBA education. While we’ve discussed the future of business schools and whether the MBA is an ‘endangered degree,’ we thought we’d acknowledge these latest stories and share a bit of our perspective on what the future may hold.

    We’ve seen the issues faced by the business schools outside the top tier. University of Wisconsin nearly shut down its full-time program this past fall and Iowa Tippie did end it’s full-time MBA program. But at the very top schools, where we believe most of our readers focus their attention, the story is a bit different. The hiring outlook is still strong and students are still realizing a strong ROI. (Which the Forbes article does explicitly mention and attributes it to the ‘exclusivity factor.’)

    We believe as long as the top MBA programs remain dynamic and continue to provide a strong ROI, they will not have much to fear. Two years has proven to be a good break for many graduates from the workforce so they can internally focus on their career goals and work hard to provide a good transition to a new career path. For those who are looking for advancement within their current field, the one-year option has similarly proven to be a rewarding path. Other options, we believe, won’t satisfy the impatience many MBA students seem to have to expeditiously complete the educational hurdle and we’re not sure how employers will feel about employees who are taking significant amounts of time over significant lengths of time to round out their formal business education. (Which, we believe, explains why the part-time MBA did not surpass the full-time MBA years ago.)

    As always, please feel free to add your own comments below!

    Best of luck with your applications!


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    I don’t think Clayton Christensen was implying HBS would lose its full-time MBA program to market disruptions anytime soon.

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