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    Hello everyone!

    Dr. Helen Ouyang, an emergency physician and an assistant professor of medicine at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons published an editorial in today’s New York Times that discusses her experiences and lack of training when it comes to handling transgender patients in the ER. She cites a survey from a few years ago that states the average medical school devotes less than 5 hours of training to transgender issues and some devote no time at all to it. She then cites what some medical schools such as Louisville and NYU as well as some resources for doctors who are out of medical school.

    If you’re applying to medical school, this may be one more topic to consider as you both finalize your school selection list and start preparing for possible “current event” medical school admission interview topics.

    Best of luck with your applications!


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    How do medical schools teach something grounded in science that avoids all the PC landmines?



    How does the professor answer the question about whether it’s biologically possible to change genders without setting off waves of Soros-funded protesters?



    Hopefully medical schools will remain safely in the realm of science and disconnected from the lunatics practicing political correctness. DNA does not change just because you take some hormones, block other hormones and alter certain body parts.

    If you are born a man, you will die a man. If you were born a woman, you will die a woman. The PC lunatics might just have success sinking my medical school chances if I used my real name but that doesn’t alter facts. Bruce Jenner can’t become a woman anymore than I can become a tree by wearing camouflage.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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