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    Hello everyone!

    There was a mishap in Tennessee on October 17 when students at two high schools received the October 3 version of the test. (For the record, the ACT is claiming the mistake was made by the high schools administering the test and not them.) In any event, the ACT will not validate those scores though they have offered affected students a free retake and they are also working to ensure colleges extend deadlines for these same students due to the mistake.

    University of Tennessee, in our opinion anyway, played the whole event perfectly when they announced they would accept the ACT scores from the affected test takers. However, the ACT has dug in and doesn’t appear willing to budge and, as a result, Lt. Gov. Randy McNally is calling for investigation of the ACT’s nonprofit status.

    Assuming the ACT has otherwise properly maintained their nonprofit status (proper and timely filings, etc.), we don’t believe that this investigation will jeopardize the organization despite whatever $1 million-ish salaries they may have paid to top executives in recent years.

    Best of luck with your applications!


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