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    Hello everyone!

    Law School Transparency released a report titled A Way Forward: Transparency in 2018 that has already gained a significant amount of press. At its core, it recommends law schools publicly release the average student debt of its graduates. Furthermore, the report recommends that this data be broken down by race and gender and include this information with every formal admissions offer the law schools make. (The report also includes recommendations for other things such as making graduate employment results more transparent, but the average student debt seems to be attracting the most attention in the press.)

    We have long believed the employment reporting doesn’t go far enough and we’ve seen ABA proposals from time to time that could address this. We would also love to see the average student debt at graduation reported. (And if this requirement would motivate schools to better educate their students on finances, that would be a nice added bonus in our opinion.)

    We don’t see any chance the debt gets reported broken down by race and gender, but if asking for a lot helps encourage the ABA to give a bit more in terms of future disclosures, then we certainly won’t take issue with that!

    Best of luck with your applications!


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