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    Hello everyone

    A guest column appearing in Virginia Law Weekly discussed the administration’s response to the need for ‘safe spaces’ post election at University of Virginia School of Law. The author noted that not only did she not sense any threats from Democrats or Republicans, but also that lawyers are often “obliged not only to hear arguments that take unpalatable positions but also to make them, often in defense of less-than-model citizens.”

    We agree with her argument. We also believe that publishing this will help prospective employers feel more confident in her ability to handle the future rigors of her chosen profession. But, as this is a discussion board, we’re certainly eager to hear your thoughts as well. Do you think law schools have gone too far coddling their students? What about the undergraduate campuses? Are you less attracted to law schools that offer ‘safe spaces’ or more attracted to them? Please share your comments below.

    Best of luck with your applications!


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    Cris Erdle

    The sooner the schools realize safe spaces law and undergrad need to be eliminated the better.


    Oscar Day

    Can’t wait to see safe spaces disappear. History will not be nice to the progressives and their extreme intolerance and ignorance of the silent majority.

    Lulz at students saying they don’t know anyone who voted for Trump.



    Safe spaces are for the vocal minority of over sensitive types and they have no business in law school. By progression they will need safe spaces for med school students who have to deal with blood or patient deaths.

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