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    Hello everyone!

    The Northern Illinois University College of Law will begin charging in-state tuition and fees to all students beginning in Fall 2018. Dean Mark Cordes stated, “This change improves our value proposition for students outside of Illinois and this will allow us to better compete for the strongest students across the country.”

    We realize law school isn’t appropriate for everyone, but if it’s in your future, now may be a great time to apply given this move and similar moves it may spawn at other public law schools. And that’s before considering the record average grants law schools have been giving to admitted applicants.

    Even though plenty of out-of-state students to public law schools have been receiving larger grants, the in-state tuition offer eliminates that grant contingency and, with law school applications trending back up, it may be a short period of time before the large grants disappear. Don’t forget that law schools have been steadily raising their “sticker price” tuition throughout this downturn, so when the inevitable uptick returned, they’d be ready to capitalize on the revenue opportunity.

    Feel free to call us if you want to discuss any of this in more detail.

    Best of luck with your applications!


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    If the job market recovers, the ones entering now are going to have a great ROI!

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