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    My son took 2 AP classes in 10th, applied late to 3 AP classes for 11th (was ill during sign-up period) and only got into 1, and requested 4 APs for upcoming 12th (trying to increase his # of APs). He will have AP classes in English, Psychology, Physics, and Economics in 12th, plus Genetics/Anatomy courses . He had completed 4 yrs of math, and struggled a bit with pre-calc last year, so didn’t sign up for Calculus. He was told by an admissions office that, as a pre-med track applicant, he should have Calc on his transcript. This would mean adding a challenging course to an already heavy workload, plus he has heavy time commitments for his Varsity sports and NHS roles. The only course he could drop as it is not a subject requirement would be the AP Physics, which is a subject he is strong in and is very interested in. Would you advise adding Calculus (his weaker subject) under these circumstances? If yes, would you advise dropping a stronger Physics course and reduce the # of APs, or keep them both and have a longer day and more assignments to manage after sports practice?

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