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    Hello everyone!

    Montana residents entering University of Washington will be required to pay $31,344 in higher fees if they don’t commit to return to practice medicine in the state for at least 3 years effective with the class that will enter UW in the fall of 2018. If they commit and then renege on that promise, they must repay the entire state support of their education which is currently about $165,000. (If the students commit to return to Montana and practice in a rural, underserved area, they can still earn up to $100,000 over their first five years.)

    Historically, over 40% of Montana WWAMI graduates return to Montana and the inclusion of graduates of other WWAMI states pushes that up to about 57%.

    We don’t believe this is going to have a meaningful impact on Montana application volumes to University of Washington as Montana residents still get a great deal for attending UW even if they decide to pay the extra 31K to “keep their options open.” Furthermore, Alaska and Wyoming have much stricter rules about repayment if their graduates don’t return to their states.

    Best of luck with your applications!


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