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    Hello everyone!

    We’ve recently experienced an increase in inquiries about gap years. We’re still more than happy to talk to you directly, but thought maybe this post would help disseminate some ‘high-level’ information to a larger audience.

    The gap year appears to be continuing to gain traction state side as perhaps Americans are starting to ‘catch up’ to Europeans in seeing the value of this gap year for many young adults. Traditionally, the gap year is most commonly taken after the high school senior year and consists of international travel. It’s often seen as a way for stressed high school seniors to decompress and refocus before starting college as well as time to “find themselves,” i.e. gain some additional self awareness.

    The American Gap Association reports gap year alumni are very likely to recommend a gap year to a fellow student and their college GPAs are impressively high. The only thing we’d like to point out is the average gap year student has a rather high SAT score and performed well in high school.

    In summary, we’ve recommended gap years to some of our clients and we see the value in the experience, depending on the particular gap year activities. As a quick rule of thumb, we tend to discourage clients who thrive in well-structured environments from pursuing gap years.

    Best of luck with your applications!


    David Petersam
    AdmissionsConsultants, Inc.


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    Mike Harris

    Getting away from school wold make it harder for me to get back into it.

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