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    Hello everyone!

    The Financial Times has an interesting article that details the difficulties foreign MBA graduates are having in the strong US jobs market. The article, linked above, cites the example of UVA Darden where 94% of US citizens and permanent residents are finding jobs within six weeks of graduation compared to 85% of international students who are finding jobs within the same six week period following graduation. At NYU Stern, 94.3% of US citizens and permanent residents received offers within six weeks of graduation compared to 91.5% of international students.

    While these disparities aren’t that great, we do want to make our readers aware of them in the interest of full disclosure. It’s always been slightly more difficult for foreign MBA graduates to find employment than US citizens and permanent residents. While we don’t foresee the work visa requirements becoming much more stringent, the possibility still remains and foreign applicants should consider the possibility that they may need to leverage their American MBA degree to find employment outside the US.

    Best of luck with your applications!


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    S K

    Sounds Trump bashing to me if I’m just being honest.

    Same thing reported by Chicago Tribune in 2010. https://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-xpm-2010-11-22-ct-biz-1115-international-mba-20101122-story.html

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