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    Hello everyone!

    Harvard Medical School is debuting HMX this summer. HMX is a relatively low-cost, online curriculum that can help prospective medical school applicants determine if medicine is right for them. And, because of the “drinking from a firehose” medical school experience that awaits successful applicants, it may also be a prudent investment for non traditional applicants to help ensure they’re not too overwhelmed once medical school begins.

    Two years ago, Harvard Business school launched HBX, which is essentially an online MBA curriculum offered at approximately the same price point as HMX. HMX appears to be its medical school equivalent. Enrolling in the online program will require the submission of a successful application and we’re not sold on the certificate earned upon completion holding much sway with the nation’s medical school admissions committees.

    Best of luck with your applications!


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    Rodolfo Vasques

    You’ll give Harvard money but not earn any brownie points with them.

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