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    Hello everyone!

    Harvard Law School announced that, after examining the GRE scores of current and former HLS students who took both the GRE and LSAT, it has determined the GRE is an equally valid predictor of 1L performance as the LSAT. Accordingly, Harvard will begin allowing law school applicants to submit either the GRE or LSAT as part of their application.

    Outgoing Dean Martha Minow stated that the GRE is expected to help diversify the applicant pool. She specifically cited international applicants, STEM applicants and joint degree applicants as those who may be most likely persuaded to target HLS because of the GRE policy change.

    Best of luck with your applications!


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    Just because all LSAT takers apparently do well on the GRE, how does HLS know that all the ones who get high GRE scores will also get high LSATs?


    Cavin Blumenfield

    One would hope so


    Sonia Lopez

    Harvard wants to make more unhappy lawyers. Learn from my mistake. If the LSAT makes you nauseous, so will law school and the practice of law.


    Nancy Johnson

    I’ve been practicing law for almost 10 years. I have yet to see how LSAT skills translate into real-life legal skills.

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