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    Hello everyone!

    George Washington University announced its application volume after becoming test optional and, to little surprise, application volumes rose 28.2% to 25,431 from 19,833 the previous year. Approximately 20% of the applicants chose not to submit ACT or SAT scores. Perhaps most importantly, GW attracted more African-Americans, Latinos and first-generation applicants — which were all part of its stated goal when it announced its decision to go test optional last July.

    Test optional policies are not new and indeed over 800 universities are test optional with the number of test-optional schools continuing to grow. Rather than attempt to give you an incomplete list of some test-optional schools, we encourage you to visit Fair Test as their list appears to be well maintained and even makes the distinctions for schools that require standardized tests for out-of-state applicants, schools that have minimum GPA requirements, etc.

    Best of luck with your applications!


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