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    Hello everyone!

    Business Student published an interesting study that highlights the persistent gender pay gap at the top colleges and universities. They examined the top 117 colleges (the US News top 100 colleges plus 25 liberal arts colleges less the eight that didn’t report their graduate salary information) and found the average male graduate earned $59,000, which was 19% more than the average female salary of $48,000 six years after starting college.

    Only three of the 117 schools (Clark, Stevens and Yale) witnessed female grads earning more than their male peers. For whatever it’s worth, Brigham Young University was the clear outlier as their average male graduate earned over twice that of their average female graduate.

    The study found the top three schools for male salaries were Harvard ($112,700), Stanford ($112,700) and MIT ($112,400). The top three schools for female salaries were Harvard ($83,000), MIT ($82.400) and Stanford ($76,700).

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    andrew bindon

    Did they further break out the genders by their majors?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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