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    Hello everyone!

    A $3 million gift from an anonymous donor will cover all 4 years of tuition for the inaugural class of 30 students who will start at University of Houston’s new medical school in 2020. It’s a common tactic to offer free or at least heavily subsidized tuition to the inaugural class to help attract the quality applicants who can ensure the new medical school gain full accreditation.

    If you’re interested in applying, University of Houston will be giving preference to Texas residents with an interest in practicing primary care in Texas after graduation.

    Best of luck with your applications!


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    When is the last time a new medical school stumbled out of the gates and didn’t get accreditation?



    Never when they offered free tuition. Attract really good applicants that way who can pass the boards.


    Rio Vista

    For those who can’t get into NYU

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