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    Hello everyone!

    New York University recently launched NYU Accelerate, a program that allows students to graduate in three years or complete both an undergraduate and graduate degree in four years. (Think taking an average of 18 credits in the fall and spring as well as additional classes over the summers.)

    While students have been able to graduate in three years, it’s taken some initiative on their parts and few have attempted it. Most accomplish the 3-year goal with a combination of heavy fall and spring semesters, summer semester work, community college classes and AP credits. As the price of tuition continues to outpace inflation, we expect to see more students attempt to shorten their collegiate experiences and, with demand red hot, we expect more colleges to start encouraging the three-year option. (Wesleyan University is the only other top-ranked school we can recall right now that offers a program similar to NYU Accelerate.)

    If you’re considering the three-year option, please have a good understanding of how it may impact your future plans whether they are immediate employment or graduate school.

    Best of luck with your applications!


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    A Patowary

    It looks like you spend 4 years of tuition and pay room and board for summers too. Not so sweet a deal as they want it to appear.


    Sean Sykes

    Ha ha ha.

    They get more tuition and can replace you with the large application volumes. These non profits are sickening for more than just their out of control liberal activism.

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