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    Hello everyone!

    Inside Higher Ed has a nice Q&A with Riaz Tejani, a former for-profit law school professor and author of a new book titled Law Mart: Justice, Access, and For-Profit Law Schools. Tejani does a great job of explaining how lower-tier schools often charge the same tuition as their higher-ranked counterparts and how simply passing the bar upon graduation doesn’t acknowledge the “social and cultural implications of where you got that [J.D. degree] from and the long-term effects of that.”

    The interview isn’t the shortest read (and the 288-page book is an even longer read of course!) but we highly recommend this for any prospective law school applicant who is considering schools outside the top tier. We’re certainly not trying to imply that attending a school outside the top tier is unequivocally bad, but we do want to ensure you understand the effects that a lower-tier school, and a fourth-tier/unranked program in particular, can have on your long-term career prospects

    Best of luck with your applications!


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