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    Hello everyone!

    Law.com reports that Florida Coastal School of Law is requesting a restraining order on the new disclosure demands made by the ABA in the wake of finding the school is out of compliance with its admissions standards. Florida Coastal’s motion states, “It directly undermines Coastal’s ongoing efforts to attract better-credentialed students and risks creating a vicious cycle where the ABA’s ‘remedial’ actions make it harder to attract excellent candidates, which in turn hurts ‘outcomes’ in ways that justify further adverse action by the ABA.”

    The specific disclosures Florida Coastal is fighting include:
    1. Disclosing to all current students that the school is out of compliance with accreditation standards and posting a 2-page public notice on that subject on its website.
    2. Disclose to all current students the school’s bar passage rates in Florida and Georgia by quartile as well as which quartile those students currently fall into.
    3. Appoint a fact finder to examine the school’s finances, admissions policies, bar passage rates, student loan default rates, etc.

    What do you guys think? Will these disclosures unfairly hurt the school as their motion states? (We’re pretty sure that at least one of their current students has already heard of this news and informed the rest of the students via some email list.)

    Best of luck with your applications!


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    I bet FL Coastal never shared a listserv with the students for this very contingency.

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