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    Hello everyone!

    The AAMC’s Medical School Year Two Questionnaire contains some interesting findings. While 85.1% of second-year students reported they were satisfied with the quality of their medical school educations, 23.5% also reported “almost never” attending in-person courses or lectures. That’s a big increase from the 18.2% that reported the same “almost never” in 2015.

    It’s not like these students are slackers are in risk of bombing in Step 1. Instead, they’re simply replacing the in-person courses and lectures with online video lectures. And, these far less expensive options have proven to be as effective as the lectures they’re still paying tens of thousands of dollars for!

    As a result, medical schools are hastily trying to revamp their curricula. Harvard Medical School has mostly eliminated lectures and replaced them with online material that is then reviewed in mandatory small group sessions. Johns Hopkins appears to be moving in the same direction. Many of their lectures have been replaced by classes that require active participation.

    Whether these changes are being done because the schools believe they are more effective in educating their students and justify the fees or simply to preserve the current medical school status quo is up to interpretation.

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    No question they are trying to justify the status quo



    These non profits don’t want to lose out on that revenue stream. It’s really sickening and I wish the media would cover it.

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