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    Hello everyone!

    The Educational Testing Service, or ETS, which produces the GRE along with other standardized tests such as the TOEFL, is leading a campaign to de-emphasize the importance of GRE scores to graduate school admissions offices. Just so we make it perfectly clear, the ETS still believes in the importance of the GRE and still wants to see it required by graduate school programs. It’s simply that they are worried the test, as it’s currently used, could become optional and that would be worse for them.

    If you weren’t aware, recent studies have indicated STEM programs in particular are putting a very heavy emphasis on GRE scores and this is holding them back from achieving diversity goals. David Payne, a vice president at ETS, stated ETS would soon be working with graduate school admissions offices to research admitting applicants with a broader range of GRE scores as well as looking at the validity of other factors currently being used in the admissions process. These projects could potentially help increase the diversity of graduate programs.

    What do you think of this announced de-emphasis? Are you optimistic the admissions process will be revised and, if so, do you think it will result in increased diversity? Please leave your comments below!

    Best of luck with your applications!


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