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    Hello everyone!

    The College Board released a study yesterday reporting significant score gains from the free Khan Academy SAT preparation materials. Students who used the free material for just 6 to 8 hours gained 90 points and students who used the materials for 20 to 22 hours gained 115 points. The assessment was based on analysis of 250,000 student accounts. (So far, 3.7 million, or roughly 40% of all SAT test takers have used the free Khan Academy SAT preparation materials. But, presumably, many of them didn’t fall into the 6 to 8 hours or 20 to 22 hours categories.)

    College Board President David Coleman emphasized Khan Academy students aren’t learning quick test-prep strategies. Instead they are mastering the pertinent academic skills, a sentiment that nicely folds into the philosophy behind the SAT test’s latest redesign.

    We’d just like to politely caution our readers that the College Board has no way of knowing how many of these Khan Academy users may have augmented their studies with other SAT prep resources such as books, tutors and prep courses. So while we believe there is some value in the Khan Academy, based on the feedback of our clients, it’s certainly possible some of the score gains could be attributed to resources beyond those offered by Khan and the College Board.

    Best of luck with your applications!


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    The Khan material is legitimate. Don’t let the free mislead you into thinking its not.

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