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    Hello everyone!

    On January 4, the ABA informed the Arizona Summit Law School it is out of compliance with the ABA financial standard that requires “the current and anticipated financial resources available to the law school shall be sufficient for it to operate in compliance with the standards and to carry out its program of legal education.”

    This is on top of the probation the ABA placed on the law school last March for its low bar exam passage rates, admission practices, and academic standards and support. (The latest bar results, released in October, showed Arizona Summit grads had a 26% bar passage rate compared to 74% for Arizona State and 76% for University of Arizona.)

    Arizona Summit’s president, Don Lively, released a statement declaring, “We just completed a second, multi-million dollar capital raise to strengthen Summit’s financial position. We have cut costs consistent with plans to maintain a much smaller school. We will be updating the ABA on these developments shortly.”

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    These for profits hide behind their diversity defense but there’s no way they’re empowering minorities when they fleece them for high tuition and only 1/4 of them can pass the bar.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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