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    Hello everyone!

    River Front Times has a nice article about a high school student who successfully fought back against the ACT after it raised cheating allegations against him. We’re particularly happy to link this article because it finally represents an example that we are able to share in a public forum.

    We’re not certain how often the ACT flags scores, but we have seen it happen. It seems most likely to happen after a significant score increase such as the one illustrated in the linked article. When it’s happened to high school seniors, the applicant is far more likely to simply retake the test (at a great expense of time that may otherwise have been dedicated to college applications and other activities) as the appeals process is likely to drag on past the application deadlines.

    Decision appeals are expensive — though they are often successful and almost always involve high school juniors who can afford to wait out the process.

    In summary, the best way to minimize the chance of finding yourself in this situation to begin with is to (a) take the test in the junior year and (b) adequately prepare the first time so there is no need to retake the test and risk a score discrepancy that triggers a flagging.

    Best of luck with your applications!


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