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    Hello everyone!

    The Chronicle of Higher Education has a nice piece on the importance of science communication and how it helped the author gain the external validation necessary to maintain his motivation — and mental health — while conducting the research to complete his Ph.D. dissertation.

    We’ve discussed Ph.D. student burn out before and UC Berkeley has reported it estimates 47% of its Ph.D. students have displayed symptoms of depression.

    If you are considering any type of in-depth and long-term research project, such as a dissertation, we strongly encourage you to have a mental health plan in place. It may be a support group of nearby friends and families. Or even perhaps a communications group for researchers similar to the one the author of the aforementioned article co founded.

    Best of luck with your applications!


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    Jessica Banuelos

    Thank you for sharing this. I don’t think you know how much it means to family and friends who are affected.

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