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    Hello everyone!

    Reuters reported that hundreds of SAT questions were leaked. Unlike the questions that tend to pop up in unscrupulous test prep company materials that involve ‘recycled’ test questions, this material was for the new SAT and had not yet been used. Speculation in the industry, that we concur with by the way, is that the material was deliberately leaked to the news agency to show perceived flaws in the redesigned test. (Disgruntled former College Board employees are not a brand-new phenomenon.)

    We do not know if this leak will have any effect on the administration of the October 1 SAT test. With any luck, there were either plenty of other, new and uncompromised test questions in their database or there is still time to write new questions. We’ll update you here on any new developments to this story.

    Best of luck with your applications!


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    Brad Layton

    If that’s not enough time for them to come up with new questions, they should just be shut down.

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