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    Hello everyone!

    Earlier this week, Cornell Tech dean Dan Huttenlocher gave his unsurprisingly optimistic assessment of Cornell Tech and how it has heightened the entire university’s reputation just three months after it moved into its new campus on Roosevelt Island in New York City. “We are trying to punch way, way, way above our weight,” he stated in his address.

    The plan is for Cornell Tech to enroll 800 to 850 students and have roughly 50 tenure-track faculty in ten years. Currently, the school has just over 300 graduate students and 25 tenure-track faculty augmented by another 25 practitioner faculty.

    While Dean Huttenlocher may appear overly boastful upon first glance, he actually raises some excellent points. The Johnson Cornell Tech MBA was just named “program of the year” by Poets & Quants and Cornell Tech’s outreach to NYC public high schools seems promising. Additionally, we’re excited by the close ties between Cornell Tech and the main campus in Ithaca as well as the number of Cornell Tech start ups that have remained in New York City. So, while it’s obviously premature after only three months, we are excited about Cornell Tech’s prospects and believe the dean raised some excellent points in his recent address.

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    Jessica Banuelos

    Cornell is providing a great service to NYC and I hope it helps them too since they deserve it!

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