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    I currently have about a 3.4 GPA at the University fo Virginia. I was always worried about this, since it seemed it would be a limiting factor in my law school options. However, I managed to do very well on the LSAT and got a 173. This puts my lsat scores at or above pretty much every law school out there. I’ve often heard that lsat scores are more important than GPA but I don’t really know. Assuming my recommendations and personal statement are okay (ie not signficiantly great or bad, just average) can you give me any idea of my chances at top 5 law schools (harvard, columbia, nyu?) Are there enough people with such high lsat scores that also have better gpas to limit the benefits of my score? Or are you just going to give me a “All sorts of factors matter and we can’t really say how good anyones chances are” response? :) thanks

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