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    I’m considering a D.O. school in my ten schools to apply to (u of north texas). it’s ranked well in primary care according to US news and it’s affordable. Osteopathic medicine was not something i’ve sought specifically, and it’s the only D.O. school i’ve considered.

    i realize they are doctors just the same as M.D.s, but i’ve heard rumor of a stigma associated with them.

    what’s the deal.

    can someone give me a bare bones breakdown of the differences. where would the stigma come from? is their training so hollistic that it’s that different from allopathic medicine. i read on chat rooms all the time of students trying to transfer to allopathic schools because they end up disagreeing with the D.O. philosophy etc.

    i’ve worked in clinics with chiropractors and alternative/hollistic M.D.s and it’s really not my bag. is that a significant indication that D.O. is not for me?

    Anyway, U of north texas is well ranked, but i’d hate to risk ending up in a program where a year into it i realize i’m better suited for allopathic school.


    The stigma associated with being a D.O. vs. an M.D. used to be greater in times past. These days, it’s not such a big deal; however, graduates from Osteopathic schools do tend to have lower pass rates on the USMLEs. D.O.s take all of the same coursework as M.D.s with additional training in Osteopathic Manipulation, which is similar to chiropractic. Most D.O.s also still do a general rotating “internship” (PGY-1) before entering their residency. One advantage as a D.O. is that you can apply for both M.D. and D.O. residencies…whereas, M.D.s are not eligible for ostepathic residencies. D.O.s practice in all of the same specialties, although they are known for their skills as Primary Care Providers.

    Definitely include a few D.O. schools, if you’re at all interested. In general, MCATs are a little lower… but this is changing.



    i’ll keep u of north texas in the mix then.

    it doesn’t matter to me what initials are behind my name, i just wanted to make sure it didn’t matter to anyone else either.


    I’ve still heard A LOT of stigma against D.O. I would definitely suggest that you do M.D. if you can.


    got it[;)]

    it would be my 10th or 11th choice of the bunch anyway

    thanks y82benji

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