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    Hello everyone!

    The International Business Times has an article about two American ghostwriters who were working for a highly unethical consultancy based out of China. The article goes as far as to infer the owner of the unnamed consultancy was a “psycho.”

    We believe this is one more opportunity to reiterate the importance of working with an ethical and competent consultant. Even if we put ethics aside for a moment, if someone is ghostwriting your essays, you are NOT maximizing your chances. They are probably using the same essays on multiple applicants. (An allegation we’ve heard numerous times.) And of course even if you got admitted to your stretch school, you are running the risk that if your lie is exposed, you can be thrown out.

    Finally, don’t be suckered by any guarantees these consultants make. These guarantees often work like this. You sign up for a 5 application package. The first 4 schools are reaches. (Think Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford.) The catch is that the fifth school is a complete safety school. So much a safety school in fact that it probably offers a referral fee for the consultant as it desperately needs international students who pay the higher tuition rates.

    So, essentially, if the student had applied to that safety school on his/her own, they would have gotten in without the need to pay for assistance and the school may have had a bit of extra scholarship money to entice them to accept the spot since they wouldn’t have had to budget that for the referral fee.

    OK. Enough of our rant for now. We know this only affects a small number of our readers, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us!

    Best of luck with your applications!

    David Petersam
    AdmissionsConsultants, Inc.


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    Having someone else write your essay is as bad as someone else taking the SAT or ACT for you.

    Kevin Ormond

    Let me guess. They trump up the one person they get in and ignore the 9 who were rejected outright.

    Mark Go

    I have heard only bad things about these companies.


    writing an exclusive content for dissertation is very difficult task but it is absolutely important not to cheat


    Our impartial media calling someone a psycho for doing something they don’t like.

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