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    Application numbers to law school seem like they’re going to be out of control this year. I do not know where to apply…I assumed I could get into a tier one school. However, I just finished reading horror stories about superstars getting rejected from tier two schools.

    So, my question is, should I wait this out (the financial crisis, that is)? If I can’t get into a tier one school or a tier two school, will I be able to find a job with a JD from the other law schools. I so desperately wanted to be done with my law degree by age thirty. After all, if I ever want to have children, they’re not too convenient while starting a law career. As it is, I’m putting such thoughts out of my head until I’m 35 (much to my mother’s dismay!).

    Perhaps I should have my eggs frozen (can you even do that?)!!!!!!

    Anybody else feeling like this out there?


    P.S. Please excuse the informal tone of this message :).


    Take the superstar horror stories with a grain of salt. (That’s what I’m doing anyway. [:I]) I don’t see the average LSAT score rising to 179.9 anytime soon.

    Worse that happens is that you get rejected and you apply again next year.

    Hmm, perhaps being male is advantageous as I’ve already been forced to overcome fear of rejection. (If you can talk about freezing eggs, I’ve got to have something else to say too!) [:o)]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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