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    My dtr went to Top tier technical college w honors in bioengineering, GPA 3.6. Mcat
    of 33,36, 38, research experience and free clinic experience. Last yr, she applied md/phd & md, interviewed at 2 SUNY , and got MD interviews at MCW, st Louis , LLU. THis yr applied to 20 mid tier private & state schools, 1 interview at Albany, rejected. Nothing else. We are Calif residents. She is currently scribing in a ER.

    What do you you think is the problem and solution? Is it too low GPA, personal statement, not enough clinical experience.

    At this point, should we just keep scribing , post bac, reapply in 2 yrs, go osteopathic, or something else? I am aware of the UCI Hope, Drexel, Case, Chicago, Loyola, Westerm programs.


    Hi Yujn and welcome to Admissions Boards!

    This is a good question. For the best answer, I suggest you repost this to the Ask AdmissionsConsultants thread. They can give you a far better answer than I can. Be sure to click “Reply to Thread” and not “New Thread.”

    Best of luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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