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    Want to know your opinion on networking in colleges. How much is it important to get a job?


    I think it is very important. Parrticularly when the job market sucks.


    It’s extremely important in law school. Your professors may act indifferent, but chances are they know people who can help you and they will help you if you make an effort to connect with them. Alumni are more likely to help you if you make a similar effort and definitely network at all the recruiting functions possible. Be nice to your fellow students and maintain a good reputation. You never know who might be a summer associate and provide feedback on you to the employer. Older students in particular are important for networking. Right now, they may have insight in what you should do as a 1L or 2L but by the time you are a 3L, they might be inside a potential employer and able to put in a good word.


    It’s extremely important. Join groups, read books on the subject, force yourself to become more extroverted. You’ll be glad you did these things!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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