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    Texas BB

    I am graduating in May 2013 with a degree in Accounting from a private liberal arts school. I am interested in pursuing a masters in Accounting but I am having trouble determining which programs are a good fit for my GPA/test scores. I took the GMAT in November and made a 520, I plan to take it again in early January. My GPA is 3.5 (3.8 in my major of Accounting).

    It makes sense to me to only apply to schools within a 300 mile radius of my hometown (Dallas, TX) and to only apply to schools where I am a match. What schools would I have a good chance of admission based upon my test scores/GPA. (or is there a website with GMAT admission scores for Master in Accounting that you could direct me to?)

    Thank you in advance for any advice/assistance.


    Hi Texas BB and welcome to Admissions Boards!

    I apologize for the delayed response. It seems I missed this somehow. Anyway, I see you posted this already to the Ask AdmissionsConsultants thread and they can give you a far better answer than I can.

    Best of luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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