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    The Wall Street Journal released a ranking of colleges in today’s edition. Importance was placed on the ‘feeder schools’ with a track record of placing its alumni into the top business, law, and medical schools.

    The top 10 are:

    1. Harvard
    2. Yale
    3. Princeton
    4. Stanford
    5. Williams
    6. Duke
    7. Dartmouth
    8. MIT
    9. Amherst
    10. Swarthmore

    We have three comments about the methodology behind these rankings:

    1. The data is only for this past year’s placements.
    2. The data only covers 15 schools: the WSJ’s top 5 business, medical, and law schools.
    3. If this ranking gains enough popularity, a perverse incentive could be created for the top graduate programs to admit a larger number of their own undergraduate alumni.

    On a final note, we are very proud that one of our consultants, a former admissions officer at Harvard Law School, was recognized for his expertise in law school admissions and quoted in this article.



    I know this the following question’s answer is somewhat obvious, but is it impossible to obtain a 3.5+ at these 10 named colleges?


    It is not at all impossible to get above a 3.5 GPA at those schools and many talented students do so. I know approximately 20 people that have attended those schools and finished with GPAs above 3.7.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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