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    hey renee sorry for asking the typical what are my chances question

    here is the deal: i have a 3.76 from HYP and a 168 LSAT. I am thinking of applying to HYS columbia, NYU, Penn UVA Boalt and fordham. I am afraid, however, that my LSAT is a bit too low for these schools. I guess I can make myself stand out from the crowd by emphasizing my nontraditional backgroung: I moved to the states from Romania when I was 17 (and still am a Romanian citizen). I plan to write my PS on my experiences under the communist regime). what else…I spent a year at Oxford (same GPA interestingly enough). some interesting summer jobs (UN, travel guide, research at NYU). I think I have decent recs but I a not sure that they are amazing. In terms of extrac’s, I am the president of the Romanian Society in my college 9which is relatively large, i.e. some 25 undergrads) and I also serve on the International education student committee.

    I am also trying to come up with a list of schools that will not be reaches for me. I would like to stay in the the NE if possible. What will you suggest? Also, do you recommend retaking the LSAT? Do you think that I can take advantage of the diversity factor? thanks


    Reefer- Thank you for your inquiry. Please feel free to post future questions on this board.

    You have a lot to bring to the table as an applicant. While I cannot guess your chances at a particular school, it sounds to me as though you could be a strong applicant to any school. Remember, it is the entire application you submit not simply one or two pieces.

    In terms of retaking the LSAT, that depends on how you would answer a number of questions. How well did you prepare for the test? What were you scoring on your diagnostics? Did anything happen the day of the test to influence your performance?

    It is always good to apply to a list of ‘safety’ schools. My answer depends on what you are looking for in a law school beyond being located in the NE. Do you have a sense of where you might want to practice post graduation?

    I encourage you to contact Admissions Consultants directly at lawschool@admissionconsultants.com as we can help you craft your personal statement, select the appropriate law school(s) and discuss successful admissions strategies for each school.

    Best wishes,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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