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    Valeria Proano

    Hello my name is Valeria. I am currently attending Housatonic community college. I am thinking of transferring to a 4 year institution like the University of Connecticut or Central Connecticut state University. My question is what are my chances with getting accepted into a nursing program in those universities? I currently have a 2.96 GPA. I have completed eng 101, general psych, sociology and music which are the only classes I would be able to transfer. In my school that adds up to 12 credits. This semester I am taking Eng 102, Intro to Biology, Child psych and Public Speaking.

    Then I have the issue of also wanting to purse a communications major. Would it make sense to do a double major with nursing and communications? Or should I just take classes that they have in common until I have made a solid decision as to which I will follow through with?

    I was thinking of applying to UConn as a communications major then possibly switching to a nursing major.

    <b><i>Valeria Proano</b></i>


    Hi Valeria and welcome to Admissions Boards!

    You should contact the schools and ask about requirements. That would be the best start. From there, you can determine the answer to the double major question.

    Best of luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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