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    I am a junior at University of Houston Major in ART : minor in biology (probably a chem minor) and I messed up my first two years with C’s and D’s I have raised my GPA up to a 2.8 and still have about 65 more hours left to take… When i calculate my grades I wont even make it to a 3.3 with all A’s at the end of my university career. I have voulenteer work under my belt (at hospitals and advocate programs), lots of free art shows and work for clinics and patients, shadowing doctors, good references. Through my stupidity of a being a wreckless college student I fear that I have destroyed any chance of getting into a U.S. Medical school. I am determined to become a doctor.

    What are my chances of getting in with a low GPA of 3.0? ( assuming I recieve an okay MCAT score)
    What can I do to help myself look more attractive to the admissions boards at Medical Schools?


    Hi Javihelp and welcome to AdmissionsBoards!

    I strongly encourage you to post this on the Ask AdmissionsConsultants thread for a more expert answer than I can provide. Be sure to click “Reply to Topic” and not “New Topic.”

    Best of luck!


    The good news is that medical schools look at trends and if you can get straight A’s or near straight A’s in the remaining 65 units, AND you do well on the MCAT, you will be competitive for some medical schools in the US. Especially because it sounds like you have some interesting extracurricular experiences. I would build on volunteer work and research and try as best as you can to get straight A’s. And when it comes time to take the MCAT, make sure you do real well. If you can get in the mid 30’s on the MCAT and have a 3.3 you may be competitive for even some first-tier medical schools. It will depend on your essay and interviews as well. Good luck.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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