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    I have recently started to think about applying to business school. Here’s my problem. I know absolutely nothing about business. I haven’t taken any classes in accounting or finance or any of that while I was in college, and all of my jobs have been working class blue collar ones. From what I’ve read, B-schools mostly seem interested in people who work in white collar management. I plan on teaching English abroad for a couple of years; is this an acceptable job as far as adcomms are concerned?



    It doesn’t matter so much that you haven’t taken business classes. An MBA is rather repetitive of undergrad business classes, so B schools don’t mind that so much. For an elite school (Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, etc.), you tend (though it isn’t a must) to need elite experience. This could be Goldman Sachs I-banking in NYC, Bain & Co. Consulting, etc. You can still get in with lesser experience. Some schools might like that you have experience teaching English (assuming it is abroad). However, it generally is the QUALITY of your experience that matters. You will undoubtedly need some management experience. If you didn’t have people reporting to you in your blue-collar jobs, you may be a great disadvantage. If you can get a GMAT score that is above the 75th percentile for your target school, that may make up for your less-than-stellar work experience. Schools look at your GMAT, your experience, and your GPA (likely in that order). You should research some schools you’re interested in, take the GMAT, evaluate your GPA, and consider some schools you may qualify for. If you qualify for a tip-top school, you may need more experience. If you qualify for a solid–though not elite–school like Boston College, you may be able to get around the experience (as long as you managed someone–if you’re the bottom of the totem pole, keep working).

    Good luck.



    You might want to consider MBA programs like Bentley University’s Emerging Leaders MBA. It’s a two year program specifically for people with limited work experience. It’s still important to do well on your GMAT and to have really strong essays, but you might have a better chance with a program like this.



    For teaching English (as you want to become one), do a proper course like teacher training course. It not only provides you guidance and basic instruction on teaching, also boosts confidence in you.

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